Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Day

I was there. I was there with Jack Pappas. I am uncertain that I could have done it alone. A battle was waged on all fronts. I fought the battle at every front. Jack fought beside me. We fought the battle individually and we fought the battle together. We overcame to see a new day. Encouragement, optimism, perserverence and hope saw us through. Like a Hemingway novel, our core was tested to survive. Man versus nature, man versus man, man versus himself. The battle was waged. Bitter cold with no reprieve. A sea of people with no shore in sight. The frailty of my own human flesh and uncertain spirit. I stood aside Jack and shoulder to shoulder with every person who hoped for change, progress and redemption. The sun shone on a new day. And I was there.
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